Android device remote factory reset

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Is it somehow possible remotely reset Android devices? I have restricted factory reset from device menu (local), but I'd still like to reset the device from central management.


Thank you!


EDIT: Forgot to specify. I do NOT want to factory reset the device. I want to reset user data (application, settings etc).

Device should NOT be deleted from Intune and user data reset should be possible via central management.

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Hello! It is still needed, I tried clearing cache partition from recovery mode - it does NOT delete all apps data...
How would it be possible to delete ALL APPS DATA without re-rolling device to Intune?
Does it has a workprofile? when it has a workprofile you could use the retire option?
Or perform a selective wipe when app protection is in place to remove the org data?
Device is fully dedicated, corporate owned with no personal profile, everything is business profile, every app is installed with device configuration profile etc.
Factory reset is disabled, because that deletes device from Intune system.

What I'm looking for method for resetting every app settings, every user setting from tablet - like it's freshly installed.

I tried clearing cache partition from recovery menu - it does not delete app data.
Also tried resetting all settings from settings menu - it does not delete app data.

Since I have many devices, then manually deleting app data on every device would not be a solution.
Also re-adding device to Intune after "factory reset" is not solution as well.
Could anyone help me out with it? Any suggestions? Any apps that could make resetting app settings/data easier?
Through settings menu, doing it manually for every app is almost impossible task...