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Android device policy with MAM different to iOS

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I've setup MAM policies for Outlook on iOS to require a PIN if the device is not enrolled, which works. When users open the app, they are prompted to enter the PIN.


But on Android, the same policy sets a device policy and enforces a phone unlock PIN and not just an app PIN like on iOS.


Is there a setting so Android MAM works the same as iOS? I don't want to enforce device PINs, only app PINs.

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Do you also require data encryption? You may find that with Android requiring encryption this forces the need for a device level passcode.

Thanks for the reply, Encrypt app data is currently set to No, changing to Yes makes no difference.

Hi, if your android device isn´t enrolled, try to enroll it as a Android for Work device (BYOD device) and set up MAM policies (PIN request) only for Outlook application.

But is not the point of the original question to be using MAM without any form of device level enrolment.

That's right, I don't want to enroll these devices.

OK, so what about this:

Try to go through this guide, only change Teams app to Outloo app...

That is what I am doing and getting a different experience on Android compare to iPhone.

What's your "Disable app encryption when device encryption is enabled" option set to?


I have an Android device here I can try it with if you let me know that policy setting.

Thanks @Paul Cunningham - So it will be a MAM policy with 'require PIN for access' set to YES. It seems to require a device PIN be set and not an app PIN (like iOS).

And what about the question I asked?

Disable app encryption when device encryption is enabled is grayed out as Encrypt app data is set to  No.