Android: Create dynamic group based on os build number

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Any suggestions on how to create dynamic group based on os build number for Android devices?

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Can try some of these queries to see if one is suitable: 


Intune filter rules based on OS versions — Handy reference 

Create an Azure AD dynamic group for Windows 11 devices 


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no option on build number......


I am using the simple OS Version instead of build number and a filter to control assignments of settings or apps that only exist on certain OS versions - does that help anyone at all?

Tenant Administration > Filters > Create Device Filter > Android Enterprise

(device.osVersion -startsWith "9")

(device.osVersion -startsWith "10")

(device.osVersion -startsWith "11")

(device.osVersion -startsWith "12")


(device.deviceOSVersion -notIn ["17.0.3","16.7.1","17.1.1","17.1.2","17.2.1"]) 

This is the ONLY way I was able to get it to work.  The version is a text string so yeah, no greater than or less than can be used.

Provide the list of OS versions you want -In or do not want -notIn.