Android compliance policy not being applied to teams devices

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Hi all
I have created compliance policy for teams devices as follows:

platform: android device admin

assignment: to device group, and I tried to user group using device filter


view report: will show about 22 device that are not applicable and they are all mobile devices not the targeted teams devices in the assignment

and only one of the targeted devices is showing up as not compliant


any ideas? thanks

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How did you enroll those android devices in Intune? That's the main question.

If they're enrolled through something like work profile (Personal or Corporate Owned), they will fall under "Android Enterprise". This means the policy you create for them has to be specifically for Android Enterprise.

Android Device Admin is not recommended for devices going forward due to it being a legacy system.
yes they were enrolled as corp devices using device login code
but I tried android enterprise also and I got the same result
For the use of compliance policies, the teams Rooms must be managed by Intune.
Because Android Teams Rooms are some specific devices with old Android, you need to add them into Intune. Just a login with an account in the room is not enough.
they are already added as corp devices in intunes