Android App not listing in Company portal app on samsung device

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I have uploaded a managed google play private app to my intunes account and added to the android device which is enrolled using the same account. I get the status in portal that waiting for install status. 

But the app is not shown in portal app on the device. None of the apps are shown in portal app of the device. 

Can you please help me through what has to be done to show the apps. 

I tried using android work profile and also play store intunes portal.Any help will be appreciated as i am blocked with the process.




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HI @kanukolanusindhuja,


Could you double check the settings below:


Managed Phones-

1. In your Tenant Administration section->Connector and tokens->Manage Google Play Store-> The status should say Success.


2. Open the Store and add the app you need and hit sync, which makes it appear under Apps with "Managed Google Play Stop app"-> Then you can make it Required ->User will get prompted to install and also available in the Portal app.


Unmanaged Phones-


You need to add the app from Apps->Android-> Android Store app-> fill the required fields and assign it. This way the apps will be available for users in "Portal". 


Hope this helps!



Hi @Moe_Kinani ,

Thanks for the reply. I followed the steps you mentioned. The status shows waiting for install status and the company portal app in android device has no applications. I tried re enrolling the device and killing and launching portal. it didnt work.

My app is Managed google play private store app.




Are the apps assigned “Managed Google Apps/ Android Apps” to the users? You need to have them available so they show up in the portal.

@Moe_Kinani  Yes they are assigned to all users and all devices. I am using company portal app in android device. Is it the same app or should i use any different application?

The status is Waiting for install. There is no change.


Hello @kanukolanusindhuja ,


Did you find any solution to your issue ?

I guess I'm in a same situation and I try to think about compliance policy but from this point all is ok.

All settings done in this policy were properly apply and the device retrieve a compliant status very quickly.

Unfortunatly all apps that are available were not displayed in Company Portal while those were required are installed in background.


Thanks in advance.