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We have a custom app being built for us as an APK which I have successfully deployed previously. 


I've added it to our private google store and then deployed via a group. Worked absolutely fine. 


The recent update and the most important one as it's the go live APK for the new system we're working on, I cannot get to work at all and I'm into my 5th version of the APK from the vendor and I've tried every way I know. I'm new to Android I've only ever worked with Apple and it's seemless deploying APPs with Apple. Android is a nightmare. 


I've followed the following process;


1) All Apps

2) Add

3) Managed Google Play app

4) I've added two here a test app and the actual deployment. 

5) Now once uploaded I press sync, the test app which has been used the entire time shows up. The go live app doesn't. In Attachment 1, it has the logo. 


And the app doesn't sync into the app library. I try changing the APK of the test version and I get every error under the sun. Default name is incorrect. Unable to change this APK. Login to the Admin Google store - Which then gives me another error to say that this doesn't exist. 


The other way of doing it is by 


1) Add app

2) Line of business App

3) I then add the APK, I add the scope and I add the exact same group as I've deployed all of the test devices. I even add it to all users, everything possible. And does the app deploy to the phone? It doesn't. I've changed the deployment type from required to available for enrolled devices to available with or without enrolment. It can't be seen in the store. It doesn't show any statistics at all. That's allowing ANY user to download and install this app. 


I've spent the best part of 10 hours on this and I can't find any decent tutorials to see if I am going wrong. I've deployed and set up iOS MDM on InTune deploying hundreds of apps and never had this before. Maybe I am missing something simple. 




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@KurtisM1990 wow what an explanation of the Android APK Deployment. I got a very useful information from your post and hopefully it will help me in deploying in my APK stuff and also for my users. Thanks for sharing and recommend you to keep sharing such stuff. Thanks Again!!

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