Android AOSP enrollment error: Invalid Token

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I have for a while now expirimentet with android device management, and i started expirimenting with the corporate owned dedicated device enrollment token, but i recently found out that it does not support enrollment of APK packages so therefore i had to switch to the AOSP enrollment Token. So i have made an enrollment token, device policies, compliance policy etc for Android AOSP devices, but i for some reason cant deploy the my test phone with and AOSP enrollment token. Whenever i scan the enrollment QR token in the phone setup i get an error saying: Invalid Token.


I have done alot of research but cant seem to find a solution. I have tried looking at my tenant enrollment restrictions, but in the resitctions page i cant find any option that mentions Android AOSP, it only mentions Android Eneterprise and Android device Administrator.


I have also found alot of artricles that claims that the token may have expired, but the expiration date is not untill November 2024. I have also tried to revoke the token, and deleting the token and creating a new one without any luck.


The phone i am testing with is an Samsung galaxy xcover 5 phone.


Thanks in advance for any help :)



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Was there a solution to this ? @TheMachine1337