Android 10 Enterprise dedicated device enrollment somenthing wrong

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Hello to everyone,

i have a curios case with our devices managed by mdm. 

After i send a command to factory reset from the admin center, i deleted the device immediatly after (without waiting the phone finish the restore to factory default) because i wanted to change the type from dedicated to fully managed.

Now, when i try to enroll the device with token (following: Enroll corporate device with Microsoft Intune app | Microsoft Docs ) and after i put afw#setup the device start to setup the work profile but the page Enroll this device not appaer and the process finish without any kind of errors. This device not appear on device list of admin center and i cannot access to Work Play Store or sync policies.


The Android device policy app is present on the list of apps. After manualy launched the app show the Enroll this device page and i'm able to scan the QR code of the token but after i scanned the token the device show me: "A work profile can't be added to this device. If you have questions, contact your IT admin"


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