An error occurred while enrolling an Android device

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In the registration Android device option on the Microsoft Intune admin center website, some registration options are grayed out (not selectable) 

My account is a Microsoft365 E5 account, and the account type is a global administrator. I tried it according to Microsoft's registration wizard document, but the option is still grayed out. 


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Sorry to bother you again. 

According to the method you gave, he made an error. When I reached the last step, I clicked to complete the registration, but the subsequent page was blank, and the page for registering the hosting GooglePlay option was not registered successfully. 







Ok, that's weird.. Could you change your browser settings to English so that screenshots are readible for us?

And please retry the registration, I don't know if your internet access is limited at work? You could try using another network or on mobile 4G?
How to re-register Google hosting service, I can't seem to change it now

@HQYadmin1315 The launch button doesn't do anything now?

Clicking this button will jump to GooglePlay to connect to Microsoft Portal
Clicking to register to the portal now will jump to a blank interface, and nothing can be done on this page.
And you tried, see previous post above, on different networks or 4G (Mobile)?



Ah, nice! Please mark my answer as solution to mark this topic as solved
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