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Apr 11 2023 08:00 AM - Apr 12 2023 11:00 AM (PDT)

Allow App and Book Assignment Terms Issue

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Just recently deployed a new app to our organization. Now several users are getting the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions Prompt.  I know there was an issue last year that has since been resolved (unable to complete the acceptance).  However the wording has users freaking out.  It states that our organization will be able to place apps and books in your account.  The wording seems to make people unease as it states we; the organization, can install apps as the user and in their account.  Again in the next paragraph; "Once you have associated your account to your organization"  And again, "you agree to associate your Apple ID with the organization"   


A lot of users do not want to associate their account with the organization. Yes, we own the phones and the applications we are deploying but the end user owns their own Apple ID. 


How often are these terms updated? Is there a way to get notified prior to this, so our Help Desk is aware of it prior to being slammed by tech calls? 

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@Jeff Harlow  This usually occurs when assigning VPP apps via user license. Initially, the end-user always needs to accept these terms when you are assigning them the license. Your alternative is to deploy the apps via device license, which does not require the end-user to accept the license from their Apple ID.

@eglockling  How do I do that? The application has "true" for Support device context assignment" I assigned it to "All Users"; is that where I made the mistake? That should be assigned to All Devices instead? 

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@Jeff Harlow  You can still have it assigned to "All Users" (or any group for that matter), but check the License Type to ensure it is set to Device licensing. This will ensure that the end-user does not need to accept the license.





Where do I find this setting?  I have the same problem.  Thanks!

@jnharvey  It's an available option when configuring the assignment of a VPP app. Make sure that you have configured a valid VPP token in your tenant first.

@eglockling Big caveat here, this only works if your device is a device enrolled and not user enrolled devices.


"Company Portal does not show device-licensed apps on User Enrollment devices because only user-licensed apps can be installed on User Enrollment devices."