Allow Admins to install all apps from company portal

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Hi everyone,


I am trying to find a way to allow Administrators to install apps through the company portal for all enrolled devices. I can only seem to get this to work if the Primary Enrolled user is used and logged in. If a non Primary account is used a message shows in the Portal that the device is already assigned to someone in the organization.


I want to be able to login with an Admin account to (re)install software from the company portal. Is this possible?


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Is it azure ad joined device? The primary user of a device controls the ability to install available apps. Convert a device to a shared device by enrolling it without a primary user (Autopilot self-deploying mode) or remove the primary user will get the chance to install the apps again. A shared device has no primary user. 


Setup shared device configuration documentation:


@alexandertuvstromThanks for your reply! The devices are AAD joined. I have tried a few things with Shared Devices in Intune before but never got what I wanted. Next week I will have time to look into this again.

@alexandertuvstrom What if I don't like to convert a device to a shared device? I don't want any shared pc restrictions.

Mmm than you would end up with this error I guess

“This device is already assigned to someone in your organization. Contact company support about becoming the primary device user. You can continue to use Company Portal but functionality will be limited.”