Adobe Digital Editions Intune Packaging

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Hi All, 


Has anyone packaged Adobe Digitial Editions before? And if so, what the process would look like.


Tried to find the GUID for the application, but from registry and scripts can't seem to locate a match.


Much appreciated :)

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Hi @thosking 


I hear you, it’s the worst program to push remotely, it’s designed for manual installation not for mass distribution. 

You can’t get the GUID because it’s not an msi install, and there is another problem, Adobe provided an exe with invitation to install Norton antivirus, another registries you need to create before silently install it.

Long story short near to impossible you can install it using Intune. 

Hope this helps!



You may try to use PowerShell script to silently install it but you need to copy the exe file to a folder in the PCs using Intune Win32. I have used this article (back in the days) when I used to push my apps from Kace: