Adobe Acrobat Pro Deploying with Intune in Windows 10

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I need some up to date instructions on deploying Adobe Acrobat Pro with Intune in Windows 10.



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Very down level instructions:

- Download the Adobe Reader Pro installer
- Unzip the exe to get the MSI
- Use the Adobe Customization Tool to custimze the .mst file (this contains all the settings for your install)
- Create a Win32 app package with as install commandlin msiexec /i AdobeInstaller.msi /qn TRANSFORMS=customfile.mst

Please reply it you are stuck & I can provide more detailed instructions

@Thijs Lecomte Have you ever actually tried this?  I'm unable to get it to work.  Are you vaguely posting the commands as hypothetical and the command should be msiexec /i AcroPro.msi /qn TRANSFORMS=<specifictransformfilecreated>.mst or you really meant that command to be exact?


I tried the same but doesnt work for me, did you manage to deploy pro in intune
Hi Thijs

I followed your instructions but doesnt seem to work