Adding Windows and Linux servers to Intune?

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Hi all,

Quick question here.
We are helping a customer with some work and wanted to ask whether it's possible to add Windows and Linux server to Intune for MDE purposes.
If it's possible is there a cost involved? ($X/month per server)?
I've had a search but was not able to fine a definitive answer.
Many thanks.

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@jt-jt You can add servers to Defender without adding them to Intune. You can do this using a powershell script. You will then need Defender for Server licenses

Thank you, but what if they wanted to have a single place to control the Defender settings?
They ask as they use the Intune Endpoint Security/MDE to control the settings for the client machines.

I had found this article: which suggest it's possible to control servers using Intune.

Does anyone know if there's any additional cost to managing servers MDE settings this way via Intune? There's no mention of such in the article.