Add Microsoft Lens to App Protection Policy

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I need to add Microsoft Lens as a Managed App in my Android and iOS App Protection Policies but it is not listed as a choice I can choose.


Can it be added - perhaps as a custom app?  If so, how would I do that?


Thanks in advance for any assistance - it is greatly appreciated!

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Lens isn't an APP capable app (it's on the uservoice though).

Check out the link to add a custom app:

@Thijs Lecomte Thank you so much for your prompt response.  I have not been working in Intune very long so please forgive me for this follow up question.


If Lens is not APP capable then it cannot be added as a custom app either?  Or can non-APP capable apps be added as custom apps?


Thanks so much for helping this newbie out!

You should be able to add it as an excempted app

@Thijs Lecomte Thanks - you're the best!!