Activation lock bypass code report?

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We currently have all of our iOS devices enrolled via Apple Business Manager and set to supervised without managed Apple IDs so all of the activation lock codes are stored in Intune. However by the time a device makes it back to IT support its usually already been wiped (or cleaned up by device clean up rules) and the device record, with the activation bypass code, has been deleted from the Intune console. It seems a bit silly that the code is stored with the device record, but you don't really know if you need the code until the device is wiped and then the device record is deleted, so then our only recourse is to go through Apple support and wait 2-10 business days for a response.


Is there any sort of report that stores the codes?

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Hi @kkeirstead, Have a look at Disable actication lock on supervised iOS devices. It's not a report, but at least you can remove/bypass the lock without having to contact Apple support.


Hope this helps  

Best method I've found is to export the bypass codes as a csv monthly or so with Powershell:

MGGraph module needs to be installed, install with command: Install-Module Microsoft.Graph.Intune

$Global:devices = Get-IntuneManagedDevice -Filter "contains(operatingsystem, 'iOS')" -select id,deviceName
$km = $devices.count
$Global:output = Foreach ($Device in $Devices)
$n = $n + 1
$name = $Device.deviceName
Write-Progress -Activity "Getting Devices" -CurrentOperation "($n / $km) - $name" ( "Getting Devices.." )
Get-IntuneManagedDevice -managedDeviceId $ -select deviceName,userDisplayName,serialNumber,imei,activationLockBypassCode
Write-Progress -Activity "Getting Devices" -Completed
Write-Output $output | Select-Object deviceName,userDisplayName,serialNumber,imei,activationLockBypassCode | Export-Csv -Path "$PSscriptroot\ios-activation-bypass-codes.csv"