About Update Management solution server only why?

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Why doesn't Update Management solution support client OS?
Of course you can see that it has been integrated into Configuration manager. I think Patch management is a weakness of Intune. I am very reluctant to include a 3rd party patch management agent just for patch management when managing Windows devices with Intune only in small and medium sized businesses.

It would be ideal if I could manage the patch using MMA, but the client OS is not supported.


What would be the best way to manage patches and FUs for cloud-only in the future?
Also, with regard to the client monitoring solution as well, I feel that log monitoring and other pieces are missing in order to complete everything with Microsoft's solution. Any best practices would be very helpful.


Is there a roadmap for implementation of such points in the future?



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Please anyone give me an idea please....

Using Intune you can configure Wufb profile to patch your devices and have a reporting for that based in Windows 10 telemetry that sends data to Log Analytics.