Able to configure email settings in Outlook for Android is gone/missing?

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App configuration:

Enrollment type: Managed devices

Platform: Android Enterprise

Profile Type: Work Profile and Device Owner Profile

Targeted app: Microsoft Outlook: Organize Your Email & Calendar



It should be more like this, like it is for iOS:


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@Rakibrahman  The configure email settings are still available if you use Enrollment type: Managed apps.


The documentation clearly states you should use Managed devices. So something is wrong when it is missing on Android and still present on iOS.

@Rakibrahman  If you are also targeting users with an app protection policy, the behaviour may be affected by this setting.


"Note: If an App Protection Policy is targeted to the users, the recommendation is to deploy the general app configuration settings in a Managed Apps device enrollment model instead of using Managed devices. This ensures the App Configuration Policy is deployed to both enrolled devices and unenrolled devices."



Thanks for taking the time to help. I just can't see where I can configure e-mail settings here:

Email server, username, modern auth and so on. We want our users to use Outlook and not gmail/nine that you can configure from configuration profiles.






I am also experiencing this issue. I don't think the MAM will work. There is a lot of contradictory information within the Documentation. One thing is clear though, account setup is only available through enrolled devices (Managed Devices Application Config Policy)



Outlook in the managed play stored seems to be missing support for managed configuration. Here is what Teams looks like:



And here is outlook



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And it is back again. 




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