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What’s new in Microsoft Intune - 2302 (February) edition
Published Feb 24 2023 11:13 AM 10.7K Views

In the February Microsoft Intune service release (2302), we're providing integration, troubleshooting, and reporting to help IT admins improve user experiences. We're introducing an exciting integration between Intune and ServiceNow. This is a big step towards enabling helpdesk admins tasked with troubleshooting endpoint issues. We've also just released a major overhaul in reporting for devices without a compliance policy. So many great things happening in just the first two months into the calendar year! And we're just getting started. With many more capabilities coming in the rest of the year, I can hardly wait! Let me know what you think of these new capabilities by commenting on this post or connecting with me on LinkedIn.

ServiceNow integration with Intune streamlines helpdesk troubleshooting

The new integration for Intune and ServiceNow—now available for public preview—enhances IT's ability to use Intune to troubleshoot endpoint-related issues, as well as understand user incidents and trends over time.

Previously, help desk agents and escalation engineers had to use several consoles and reports, disconnected from Intune troubleshooting information, just to view issues by user. This new capability allows help desk operators view ServiceNow incidents directly from the Troubleshooting pane in the Intune admin center. This streamlines help desk operations with consolidated user information in a single troubleshooting experience.

Agents will find it easier to identify trends and particular pain points, enabling them to provide more complete support to users. Further, help desk staff can drill into incident details for additional debugging, troubleshooting, or incident resolution, all in a native ServiceNow experience. Note that the integration is planned to be live in February, but right after the 2302 deployment wraps up, around February 28th. Once the capability is generally available, it will be part of the Microsoft Intune Suite. We are currently planning for the integration to be available for Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud High (GCC Hight) around April. Here's a video of the integrated troubleshooting experience with ServiceNow:

Improvements to reports for devices without compliance policy

Operational reports are meant to surface data often used by help desks or IT pros to proactively identify problems and help remediate issues. The data found in these reports is timely, calls out unexpected behavior, and is intended to be actionable.

We have made significant improvements to the report for devices without a compliance policy. The new version offers better functionality and visibility for admins who determine whether devices without a compliance policy should be marked as non-compliant (recommended by us for being secure by default).

The new version is visually more consistent with other recently refreshed reports, is designed to scale better in larger environments, and eliminates timeouts. The latest version also includes features such as filtering, column sorting, and advanced search.

Here's a screenshot of the new experience:


The report consolidates and shows the following information:

  1. Operating system (OS) and ownership filters
  2. Message showing current value of Mark devices with no compliance policy assigned as setting, and a link to the modify this setting
  3. Sortable columns (all of them, not just Device name)
  4. New OS and OS version columns

This enhancement is part of a larger effort to improve and standardize the compliance report experience across the admin center. Keep an eye out for more improvements over the next few months. For now, both the original and new versions of the report are available to give users time to adjust to the new location; the original report will be retired in March. This new report is already available for GCC High customers.

Let us know what you think

Each month, we spotlight key feature releases from What's new in Intune. Next month, we'll have even more improvements to highlight. In the meantime, please share your comments, questions, and feedback so we can continue to improve the endpoint user experience and simplify IT administration. Feel free to comment on this post or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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