Now Available: Microsoft Endpoint Manager Proof of Concept (PoC) Guidance
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We're excited to announce the new Microsoft Endpoint Manager Proof of Concept (PoC) guidance for Microsoft partners and sellers. This is great news for many organizations and others in the IT community who are eager to get started with Microsoft Endpoint Manager announced at Microsoft Ignite 2019. 


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What is it?

The Microsoft Endpoint PoC guidance is a set of technical and engagement delivery resources intended for Microsoft partners and sellers to deliver successful scenario-based Proof of Concepts for their customers. It leads to a five-day engagement that that demonstrates how Microsoft Endpoint Manager solutions combine configuration, provisioning, protection, and compliance holistically across Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, ruggedized, and firstline worker devices.


Why we’re doing this, and why using the Endpoint PoC guidance?

In the last couple of years, we have seen a large number of customers migrating from third party MDM providers to Microsoft Endpoint Manager to not only accelerate their Windows 10 and Office Pro Plus adoption, but also to simplify the overall desktop and mobile device management approach in their organizations. As a result of this uptake, the number of Endpoint Manager PoCs significantly increased in the last couple of months, and we heard the need for having prescriptive guidance on how customers can run a successful Microsoft Endpoint Manager PoC within their own organizations.


Here’s how the Microsoft Endpoint Manager PoC guidance works for you:


  • Standard Statement of Work (SoW) templates for key Endpoint Manager PoC scenarios, including:
    • Configuration Manager with cloud-attach and co-management
    • Modern provisioning with Windows Autopilot
    • Windows 10 management
    • Management for iOS, Android, and macOS devices
    • Manage different use cases, including personal, bring-your-own, corporate owned, ruggedized, and first line worker devices.


  • Engagement/workshop delivery framework
    • The PoC delivery material includes engagement and technical delivery guidance to help Microsoft Partners deliver what was agreed upon the statement of work (SoW) with customers.


How can we start using it?

There are several partner programs available to fund and deliver an Endpoint Manager PoC. Please visit the partner portal to make yourself familiar with these programs and download the Endpoint Manager PoC delivery materials from


Please follow these instructions to navigate to the PoC page on the partner portal

  1. Sign in with your LinkedIn account.
  2. Choose Practices on the top menu.
  3. Mouse hover Modern Desktop, then choose Endpoint Manager POC


What are the next steps?

Work with your regional teams to attend training with the following agenda:


  • How to leverage ECIF funds when requesting a Microsoft Endpoint Manager PoC.
  • Prescriptive guidance on how to leverage the PoC delivery material.


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments


(This post and the POC guide is co-authored by Andre Della Monica, Program Manager, Microsoft 365)

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