Discovering Azure tooling and utilities

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Microsoft Azure allows you to build your applications with the full power and resilience of the cloud. But, how do you do that? In this session, we show you the tools that Tailwind Traders uses on a daily basis, including the Visual Studio Code editor and its Azure extension. We also introduce you to the Azure Cloud Shell, which allows you to work with Azure resources - without the need for the Portal. Finally, we show you how Azure Resource Management (ARM) templates save you time and help you automate infrastructure, reducing the chance of errors that come with manual human input.
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Can you share Powerpoint files and repo code

@Microsoft_Ignite hello. Prez was great. The given link leads here...

Can you point the ppt of the presentation please ? Thanks :) 




Presentation was very interesting in Paris today.

It was said we should find the session resources at but there is nothing.

Could you please request the Cloud Advocate to upload the ppt ?

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the PPT seem to be accessible on the Github repo:


They look like rough drafts, but good enough for me!



Thanks, this is the same logic for the other sessions.

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