Will MS Graph allow me to find duplicate files in OneDrive

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Am I able to use ms graph to find duplicate files in my OneDrive (home and business) using MS Graph using python?


I looked at the MS Graph site and ran a query from the Graph Explorer, looked at the snipped of code and see:


graph_client = GraphServiceClient(credentials, scopes)

result = await graph_client.drives.by_drive_id('drive-id').items.by_drive_item_id('driveItem-id').children.get()


I have written some code but before I get to far, just wondering can I do this in python?
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ok I have made some changes but am greeted by this error:

Error obtaining device code: AADSTS70002: The provided client is not supported for this feature. The client application must be marked as 'mobile.'


And I am not finding a lot of into about it


I have passed my client id to the code from the Azure Portal, it is not an incorrect code, it tells me it can't find the tenant.

Does this mean it won't work with OneDrive home version?  And the client app is registered in the tenant, where do I Mark it as 'mobile'?