Using Graph API to retrieve results with custom column tags

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We're currently developing an app which retrieves documents from a SharePoint list (documents page).

The files within this list have a custom column called 'Tags' in which we add multiple tags for classification.

Currently I'm having trouble pulling these tags with the Graph API. 
Any tips where to look? 

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@Manuel Bijen hi, you should take a look at this community article for starters


Depending on how the columns are made and the type of column, there is less or more work to get the data back in search. If you are not using site columns, but created the column directly on the list/library, then you have to find the "crawled property" corresponding to your SharePoint column and map it to a "managed property" which is what you retrieve in search.

Hope this gets you started, and the process is the same as it has been since SharePoint 2010 :)