Unable to see all the mailfolder children. MailFolders[FolderId].ChildFolders

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I am unable to get a list of all the mailfolder children in a mailfolder.


I use MailFolders[FolderId].ChildFolders.


var queryOptions = new List<QueryOption>()
new QueryOption("includeHiddenFolders", "true")

var TestOCFolders = await graphClient.Users[destination.Email].MailFolders[FolderId].ChildFolders.Request().GetAsync();

var OCFolders = await graphClient.Users[destination.Email].MailFolders[FolderId].ChildFolders.Request(queryOptions).Top(250).GetAsync();


I used application permissions and I have applied all required permission.


  • Mail.ReadBasic.All
  • Mail.Read
  • Mail.ReadWrite


Those folders that were existing and created by the user were not able to be seen and only the folders that were created by the application can be seen.


Can anyone help me understand the issue?






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