Teams Get presence application Permission

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Hello everyone


Im trying to retrieve user presence information for our monitoring system. We want to use API calls.


We have set new application in Azure AD, set API delegate permissions for Presence.Read, Presence.Read.All and granted it for our directory.


After that Bearer token is generated:




Then a presence request is made:



Response always is 403 (Forbidden). I've put Bearer token is both Authorization and Header (Bearer : [token]). Both return the same.


From what i've read in Microsoft docs, the Permission type: Application is Not Supported. Im very new to this, but does that means that Teams presence cannot be retrieved using Application created in Azure? If that is true, how then achieve Delegated permission?

Before we tried retrieve presence with Powershell, it worked great however it is not possible to use Modern Authentication. All other information can be provided.

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@James1. I am also facing the same issue. Did you find a workaround?