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I've been working with the TermStore in Microsoft Graph, using the official documentation I've managed to get a CRUD system of Terms. The whole point of the TermStore is using these terms with files, so I thought it would be also easy to add those terms into files, foolish of me to think that. I've tried to search, and I didn't find any way to do that, I know using the SharePoint REST API or CSOM or PnP is possible, but it feels to me very anti-intuitive, why Microsoft would give the possibility to perform CRUD operations on terms, but then there is no way to add those terms into files? Maybe it's just me that I didn't find how to do it.


This is what I've tried:


If I make this HTTP call, the object that I receive doesn't show the Taxonomy property, so I can't make a PATCH call to modify that value because it simply doesn't appear.




And if I do this HTTP call, the object has the Taxonomy property




So I've tried to make a PATCH, sending this to the body

    "fields": {
        "email address removed for privacy reasons": "#Collection(microsoft.graph.Json)",
        "TaxKeyword": [
                "Label": "Test1",
                "TermGuid": "1b20b62d-7ee9-4f55-9ecf-88e622a3f7d7"

(I am using an existing Term that I've created with the CRUD system, but I don't know how to get the WssId, I am not sure if it is necessary or if it is even possible to obtain it)


But it appears the generic error "invalidRequest".


And is not a problem of permissions, my app has Files.ReadWrite.All, Sites.ReadWrite.All and TermStore.ReadWrite.All


I hope that there is a solution, and it's just me that I can't search well


Thank you

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