Searching for file via graph API returns unrelated files

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My objective is simple here-  I'm copying and renaming a file in Flow, and I need to see if a file with the same name already exists.


Search query

'KPR Monthly User Report 2021-11-26.xlsx')






This does indeed return the file I'm searching for.  However, it's also returning another file that in no way is related.






            "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.driveItem",
            "createdDateTime": "2021-11-26T14:08:23Z",
            "id": "01UCCLNHJ3ZLOBX7R5FNGI7NZGUR3",
            "lastModifiedDateTime": "2021-11-26T14:09:20Z",
            "name": "KPR Monthly User Report 2021-11-26.xlsx",
            "webUrl": "https://xxx/_layouts/15/Doc.aspx?sourcedoc=%xxx%7D&file=KPR%20Monthly%20User%20Report%202021-11-26.xlsx&action=default&mobileredirect=true&DefaultItemOpen=1",
            "size": 19808,

            "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.driveItem",
            "createdDateTime": "2021-04-26T16:01:05Z",
            "id": "01UCCLNHJGKNOO22ATQJAIDUOF6UY",
            "lastModifiedDateTime": "2021-04-26T16:01:13Z",
            "name": "ITG Final Export",
            "webUrl": "https://xxx/Shared%20Documents/Internal-Tech/ITGlue-Exports/",
            "size": 73450349,






The second file is a zip.  Even if it were to search contents, there is no file in the archive close to the searched filename.

Also not sure why the webUrl is in such a different format.



Any clue what's going on here?  I can't seem to get any result by searching via other methods.  I know there's other ways to handle a file conflict, but this has me confused and I'd just like to figure it out.  


Getting the same result if I call via flow or testing in graph explorer.




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