Receiving notification for deleted non series-master events

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Is it possible to have information about a deleted occurrence in a series, using the Graph API ?
Or is the only solution to retrieve the series-master, fetch all occurrences and find the one who has been deleted by comparing the result with the data stored on our side?

I've subscribed to change notifications and it works great if you get an update on an occurrence, e.g. a changed start time for an occurrence. In that case when you call /instances you correctly get an exception for that specific occurrence.

On the other hand if you delete an occurrence there is no exception when you call /instances. The corresponding occurrence json object is simply removed from the JSON response in that case. This is not really handy when you get an update. How do you know which occurrence is to be removed? Only way seems to re-import everything. Do you have better suggestions?

Thank you for your time.

P.S. I've posted this also here:
I guess that wasn't the right place, that's why I've reposted it here. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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