"Like" Office 365 group conversations using the Microsoft Graph

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We are using Office 365 group conversations in our web application. We read/write the conversation threads and the messages in these threads using the Microsoft Graph API. In the Outlook Online experience, users can like messages in Groups. In the Microsoft Graph documentation we cannot find anything about liking these messages. Is there a way to like a group conversation/massage and retrieve the number of likes using the Microsoft Graph API? If not, when will this be available?


Furthermore we would like to be able to delete conversations (threads and replies) using the Graph API. In the documentation we can only find the endpoint for delete the complete thread, not a specific reply. How can we achieve this? Or when will it be available?


Thanks for your help!

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Even we are looking for the same information but did not see any information about Graph calls anywhere.

We've implemented this functionality using EWS (Exchange Web Services), since it was not possible using the Graph API. This works quite well.