Piping from get-MgUserMailFolder to Remove-MgUserMailFolder throws an error and it is not accepted

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Hello All,


I've connected to MgGraph using an AccessToken and this access token has read,writeAll permissions on all mail folders throughout the business.


I have roughly 400 users that I need a folder removed from their Outlook. The folder name is "Promo"

Import-csv pathToFile.csv |foreach { {get-MgUserMailFolder -UserId $_.PrimarySmtpAddress -Filter "Displayname eq 'Promo'"} ==>Works. I can see all of the ID and displayName.


When I pipe it to remove it is complaining that "The variable '$_' cannot be retrieved because it has not been set"

import-csv c:\pathToFile.csv | foreach-object {get-MgUserMailFolder -UserId $_.PrimarySmtpAddress -Filter "Displayname eq 'Promo'"} | Remove-MgUserMailFolder -MailFolderId $_.ID
From searching the help on those commands, they both do not accept pipeline input based on ID. How do i remove the Mailfolder ID's identified from the 1st command?


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Use a proper script instead of the pipeline - most MG cmdlets are autogenerated and nothing about them is designed with ease of use in mind.