New-MgPlannerTask: recurrence parameter

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my company needs to create a few hundreds tasks in planner for a client
they asked me to automate the procedure, and i've been delving in this rabbit hole for a month

i started trying the cmdlet New-MgPlannerTask, but there are a few issues with that, so i looked at what was the request and proceded to test it manually in graph explorer

now, the current issue is: how do i add "recurrence" to the task parameters?

when i do, i get the following error:

Validation for field 'Recurrence.Schedule.Range', on entity 'Task' has failed:

and it's not really documented how to set this object

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it's really nice this low-code stuff which is not really low code and it doesn't really work
if i started from the beginning with graph api in c# i would have avoided all these problems