Missing API to work with SPO list item attachments

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To my surprise, I couldn't find any Graph API working with list item attachment. Then, I've to use the SPO REST API instead (via Pnp.JS). But the major problem is that I need app-only permissions (unattended script) and I would like to use the new Sites.Selected Graph permission to limit the app-only permission to one single site and not to all sites by default (Sites.Manage.All required by PnpJS and SPO REST API).

Is there any plan to have list item attachments API supported by the MS Graph?





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Hi Franck,
Thanks for the question, list item attachment support is on our backlog to add to Microsoft Graph but we don't currently have an ETA for it.
Hi Jeremy,

Just checking 6 months later: any ETA on the SPO list item attachment support by MS Graph?
I'm wondering the same thing...
Any ETA? Its been almost a year on this thread, and now I am faced with figuring out how to add an attachment to a list item.