Microsoft Search with office365 and internal enterprise application

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Currently, I am working in an organization that is using office365 and they want to create a standalone application 'enterprise search' for the company to be as the main landing page whenever any user opens the browser. The requirement is to integrate the below sources into one single solution and display the result.

- Emails (office365)

- People (office365)

- Document (office 365's one drive)

- Content Server (Document store in OpenText content server)

- Correspondence (internal system whereof exchanging memo where file store on SharePoint server)


I know I can use GraphAPI to pull email, people and one drive information but how I can use my other non-office solutions to index and ready by graph api or any other services which Microsoft have (not in preview or beta?


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@fayaza were you able to connect with opentext Content Server? We are looking to do something very similar. TIA!