Microsoft Graph Explorer Update – Revamped and Expanded


In its previous version, Graph explorer had a limited set of capabilities that didn’t allow developers to fully discover and leverage all that Microsoft Graph has to offer. Today we are happy to announce lots of cool functionality that we enabled during our internship! Now you can:  


- Learn about what the Microsoft Graph has to offer with a cool autocomplete feature built in the request builder.  

- Access and use the Graph explorer, regardless of disability. 

- Use the Graph Explorer even if you do not have an Office 365 account, by accessing sample data. 

- Use your personal Microsoft Account to log-in to the Graph Explorer; it previously only supported work and school accounts. 

- Access the Graph explorer with a work or school account, even if you are not an organizational administrator. 

- Review and return to past queries. 

- Customize your request headers to allow in-depth testing.  




Learn more about the lastest updates:

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