Microsoft Graph Excel: how to make a more complicated if function

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Apologies if this has already been asked, didn't see any posts or anything online about this question. 


I want to utilize Microsoft Graph to recreate this more advanced IF function we have. Basically if A1's value is empty, we use B1's value, if not, we do a calculation. 



This is the documentation for the if function




What I'm worried about is

1) Can we even use an expression in the logicalTest parameter? Looking at the documentation, looks like you have only have a predefined types and is not possible. 

2) Can we do a calculation in the valueIfFalse parameter? Again looks like you cannot. 


My only out of the box idea right now is to utilize the Excel.FunctionResult as an option for both. Like if I could nest 2 functions inside the if function (1st being the .isNumber() to check if empty or not, and 2nd be .product()). 


This is my first Microsoft Graph function so very new to the tips & tricks. If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!!


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