Microsoft Graph API - "Needs admin approval" when accessing Assignment API with non-admin accounts

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I am currently facing an issue while working on a Teams Widget that utilizes the Microsoft Graph API, specifically the Assignment API. My objective is to enable students and teachers to access and interact with assignments. However, I'm encountering a problem where I consistently receive a "needs admin approval" message when attempting to log in with either a student or a teacher account.

Here's the current setup I have in place:

  • Admin Account: I possess an account with admin rights, and when I log in using this account, the Assignment API works as expected.
  • Student Account: I have created a student account with the "Office 365 A1 for students" permission.
  • Teacher Account: I have created a teacher account with the "Office 365 A1 for faculty" permission.

To facilitate API access, I have created a new application and assigned it the necessary Education permissions as outlined in the Microsoft Graph API documentation.

Despite diligently following the documentation and granting the required permissions, I continue to encounter the "needs admin approval" message when attempting to log in using either the student or teacher account. Moreover, upon inspecting the accessToken, I noticed that the required permissions are not visible, indicating a potential issue with their assignment.

Is there something I have overlooked or an additional configuration step required to allow non-admin accounts to access the Assignment API without relying on admin approval?

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