Mialbox Forwarding in Graph API

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Is there away to retrieve the ForwardingSmtpAddress and DeliverToMailboxAndForward settings for a mailbox via the Graph API? 


I'm building an application that aggregates information about a user from multiple sources, one of them being AzureAD/M365. We want to show a support engineer the forwarding information that is set on a user's mailbox, but it seems the only way to get this is via PowerShell, which means settings up a runspace and powershell remoting, which I'd rather not do, sense I'm using the graph API already for license information.

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No, the Graph currently has no support for Exchange admin operations. Use PowerShell, that's the only supported method.

@Vasil Michev But that isn't supported at this point either. With BinaryFormatter serialization prohibited in asp.net in .net 5, Running PowerShell commands is not supported.

So basically there is no officially supported way for me to build a webapp using the current .net 5 that can read the forwarding address out of an O365 mailbox?