Issue with calling getRecording graph api

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Hi guys, I was trying to fetch the transcript and recording after having an online meeting that was created using the createEvent api. I was able to retrieve the transcript but not the recording (by calling microsoft graph apis). I was able to get a successful response after calling the getRecording api but it just seems that there is no recording associated with the meeting (See pic  1).



I suspect that the recording was not uploaded to the Microsoft cloud service (OneDrive for Business) as it always shows a "Recording failed to upload" message on Teams after the meeting ended (See pic 2).


Any ideas on how to fix this problem/make it work? Could it be the invalid config of onlineMeeting or did I miss setting up some policy with the CsTeamsMeetingPolicy? (Using delegated access for getRecording, gotten API permission for OnlineMeetingRecording.Read.All, granted CsApplicationAccessPolicy in Powershell) What else am I missing?

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