Issue Retrieving Images Stored in SharePoint List via Microsoft Graph API

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I am currently facing a challenge with the Microsoft Graph API and would greatly appreciate any guidance or assistance you can provide.


Issue Description: I am attempting to retrieve images stored in a SharePoint list via the Microsoft Graph API. While I have successfully set up authentication and can access various types of data from SharePoint, I am encountering issues specifically with fetching images from a list.



  • Scope: In my Flask application, I am using the scope ["Sites.Read.All"]. I understand this should allow read access to all items within SharePoint site collections. However, I'm not sure if this scope also includes permissions for accessing images in list items.

  • Endpoint Used: I am accessing the list items via{site_id}/lists/{list_id}/items. The challenge arises when trying to download the image from the URL provided in the SharePoint list, which results in an unauthorized error.

  • Specific Challenge: The primary issue is determining the appropriate method or endpoint for not only retrieving list item details but also for downloading the actual image files stored in these items.


Any suggestions on how to correctly access and download these images using the Microsoft Graph API would be immensely appreciated. If there are specific permissions or API endpoints that are better suited for this task, please advise.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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@Stian_R350 I have the same challenge. Did you manage to get the images?