I can't load separately 'groups' or 'servicePrincipal' for "createdObjects" column in user resource.

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When I try to load data (doesn't matter "groups" or "servicePrincipal" or smth else) of users "createdObjects" column, I'm getting the following error


Request: https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/users/{user-id}/createdObjects/microsoft.graph.group



Response error: {

"code": "InternalServerError",
"message": "A resource of type 'microsoft.graph.servicePrincipal' was found in a resource set that otherwise has entries of type 'microsoft.graph.group'. In OData, all entries in a resource set must have a common base type.",



When I try to load with $count=true, and ConsistencyLevel=eventual in Headers I'm getting the following error:


"code": "Service_InternalServerError",
"message": "Encountered an internal server error.",



It is my fault or defect on Graph API side? Documentation doesn't say anything about it.


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