How to set "send-as" permissions on a created email box

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Hi, i'd like to know if the graph api provides any endpoint to set the permissions for a newly created azure ad user to allow "send-as" permissions.

the user has an email box and when i go into, click on the user, then e-mail, then "send-as" permissions (in german this is "Senden als"-Berechtigungen, i translated it by myself to english so maybe its a bit different), then i can add a permission.

I would like to automate that process and add one of those permissions, but i cant find an endpoint for it. anyone an idea?

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No, no Graph API support for delegating Send As permissions, nor any other Exchange admin action for that matter. Use PowerShell.
what a pity, do i have to use powershell also when i want to change e.g. the calendar of a user so it shows calender weeks, changing language and time, share a calendar etc.?
if possible, i'd like to get rid of powershell for some reasons (because of incompatibility issues version 5 vs 7, my application is python and i dont like executing .ps1 files, etc.)
"Owner" actions can (mostly) be performed via the Graph API, but delegating Send As is considered an admin operation, and there is zero support for such in the Graph currently :\
is it still an owner-action when i do that as admin for a user account, e.g. change the calendar to display weeks different, set timezone, language etc.?
if there is a graph api endpoint that i can access with my admin creds and change that for the user, would be great

@Vasil Michev 

Yes, i found some things i can configure, but e.g. the start day of the week was not there 

@Vasil Michev i tested it with:

Set-MailboxCalendarFolder -PublishEnabled $true -Identity email address removed for privacy reasons:\Calendar -DetailLevel FullDetails -Confirm:$false


Unfortunately i get an error that the policy blocks anonymous sharing, which is of course also not what i want. I assume somehow i have to again use the "Default" user to share access to the calendar company wide. Can you give me a hint how to achieve that?

Publishing is generally intended for external sharing, if you want to share a Calendar company-wide, adjust the permissions on the Default principal entry.

Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity user:\Calendar -User Default -AccessRights LimitedDetails