How to increase the limits of permissions requested per application - Azure AD signInAudience

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I am currently developing an app that allows different operations with Microsoft SharePoint, I am using Microsoft Graph and I have registered the App in Azure AD, and it works fine. But my wish is that the App is public and thousands of people can use it, using their Microsoft account.

But reading the documentation of Microsoft Graph I find an article that says that it has Limits of permissions requested by application.

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The limit indicated by the documentation is a maximum of 400 for a signInAudience= AzureADMultipleOrgs but I want and aspire to have more users, perhaps thousands of users. What do you recommend I do in this case? I want thousands of users to access the app with their Microsoft account and be able to do different activities.


In the app when a user logs in, the app requests permission to access API Graph and performs the desired query, this process has to do with "Limits on requested permissions per app"??? For more information

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This is NOT a limit on the number of users. It is a limit for the number of PERMISSIONS (scopes) your app can request.