How to get a group specific setting?

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I have read this:


But i dont understand how to get the setting ID.

GET /groups/{id}/settings/{id}


i want to check if a group have the setting  hideFromOutlookClients

set to true or false.


i do not want to do this in powershell, i want to figure out a graph URL to do this.


but since i seem to need the setting ID i am stuck?


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Those are different things. "Group settings" controls things such as the naming policy or classification. It's an Azure AD configuration object, and you create it by referencing a "group settings template". Refer to the links on the left nav pane in the document you shared if you want to learn more about it.

As for HideFromOutlookClients, this is directly returned when getting the group object. So the ID you need to provide is the ID of the group. Here's an example:

Aha, thanks.

Do you have any idea how to apply the patch finction.

My long term goal is to figure out how to build a flow that set it either to true or false.
As mentioned in the documentation, you can update the property if you use a "single" PATCH request:

To update the following properties, you must specify them in their own PATCH request, without including the other properties listed in the table above: allowExternalSenders, autoSubscribeNewMembers, hideFromAddressLists, hideFromOutlookClients, isSubscribedByMail, unseenCount.
Is the http connection the right thing to use? If the graph link work to patch, then use that link in the http connection?
Not sure what you mean, sorry. There are examples in the documentation above, use them.