graph groups api call not returning most properties

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In a sample C# app ( running on localhost) I am executing the following API calls 


var user = await graphClient.Me.Request().GetAsync();

var grp1= await graphClient.Me.MemberOf.Request().Select("Mail,displayName,Id").GetAsync();


var grp2= await graphClient.Me.MemberOf.Request().GetAsync();


var grp3= await graphClient.Me.TransitiveMemberOf.Request().GetAsync();


var grp4 = await graphClient.Me.TransitiveMemberOf.Request().Select("displayName").GetAsync();


These all execute with no error messages and return a list of Microsoft.Graph.Group objects, but each entry is missing most of the information I am seeking ( eg  DisplayName, Members, MemberOf etc ).  The only properties returned by the API are Id & ODataType


The properties I am after are present when I look at the groups natively in AAD 


The API permissions in the Azure AppRegistration myAppReg are 





BTW var user does return alot more information  : ( GivenName, Surname, email etc ) 


Please can you suggest what I might need to tweak to get the group details returned


Thanks in advance 


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Hi @VasilMichev. Thanks for the reply.
I have the Read Groups through the native Azure Interface and , as mentioned, could add the Group.Read.All and GroupMember.Read.All API permissions to the app. However it looks like those permissions need to be approved by an Admin before they take effect.