Graph API 1.0, create online meeting, videoTeleconferenceId and audioConferencing are null

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Hi Team,


Can you please help on below issue? Thanks in advance.


I tried with following URL to create a online meeting:[system_user_id_masked]/onlineMeetings


and got following response:


"id": "MSo5OGVjZmYxNi1kYTM0LTRhYmMtOTFiMC1iN2QwNTVmNzhkZDUqMCoqMTk6bWVldGluZ19ORFEyWldSak1Ua3RaakV3WlMwME9USm1MV0k1WVdVdFpUTmlZMk5oTXpjME9HUTNAdGhyZWFkLnYy",
"creationDateTime": "2021-08-24T18:22:59.9081502Z",
"startDateTime": "2021-08-24T18:22:59.1863439Z",
"videoTeleconferenceId": null,
"externalId": null,
"broadcastSettings": null,
"audioConferencing": null,


The videoTeleconferenceId and audioConferencing are null,  why these 2 values are null? Any specific requirement we need to do on our side to get these 2 values back?


thanks very much


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