getOffice365GroupsActivityDetail report refresh rate?

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Greetings all.

I am using the getOffice365GroupsActivityDetail API call and get a nice tidy report in return.
There seems however to be a delay in the report refresh date;

Today is 02.03.2023, and when acquiring a fresh report this morning the last added group entry in the report was created 30.02.2023.

I have a couple more groups created yesterday, but these are not yet added into the report.

Is a 4-day delay for new groups to be added to the getOffice365GroupsActivityDetail report normal?

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It is, the report is nowhere near real-time.
Thanks for your reply.

I was hoping this was just a glitch to be honest.

Do you have a source for this information?
I've tried looking online, but so far i haven't found any information about the report refresh rate.

...also makes me wonder if I try using other reports to generate the same amount of data I need, they will have the same slow report refresh date.
It was mentioned somewhere in the official documentation, there's an expected delay of few days. For all reports. And it's not that uncommon for them to lag weeks behind...

I've looked around a bit more, and the only things I found is this:


From -> reports

"Microsoft 365 usage reports show how people in your business are using Microsoft 365 services. Reports are available for the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days. Data won't exist for all reporting periods right away. The reports become available within 48 hours."

So I guess 48 hrs is the answer to the question of the report refresh rate.