Get request is working but the post request is not working from DB2, In PostMan both are working

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Hi Everyone, 


Since Sharepoint ACS based Rest API is getting depreciated, i was working on to convert it to Graph based Rest API.


I have the App ID with necessary (Site.selected) access and I am able to perform CRUD operation through Postman application. 


When I replicate the same in the IMB DB2 I series, I can perform only Get request but not the post request. 


I am not sure on the source of the issue, as the same url, header & body while using in Postman action takes place. Sharepoint API is work for CRUD, so production is not impacted. 


Any idea like the firewall of Microsoft is blocking the Post/Patch/Delete request, but allowing only read access!!!!.


Since I mostly don't use personal mail, My response may be slow. 




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I have reached out to the internal team from server side and entra app support team for checking if there is firewall or restriction in that view. 


let me know if any further information need, to help me on this issue. 



PUT request is working but if I change the request to POST the same command is not working.