File Share Graph Connector - Feedback & Problems

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I´ve installed and tested the Graph Connector Agent with File Share Connector.




- within the documentation a lot of informations missing. The agent needs TCP port 5671 to Azure to start the connectors - costs me an hour to find out.


- Indexing failes for over hundred thousand files reporting there is a permission error - by checking NTFS & Share ACL Everything is fine.


- The hidden logfile in C:\Windows\ServiceProfile ... has a lot of nonsense written to it and missing important informations for troubleshooting / debugging.


- Its a pain to find out about graph costs for additional index space and queries - almost no information available for planning




No search results for my file share vertikal at the moment - how to troubleshoot? Any way to receive the complete index to ensure there is no problem with SID to AAID mapping?




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Thank you for the feedback, @Phillll. We really appreciate you taking the time to enumerate places we can improve. 

Some common issues to check:

  • A result type hasn't been created for items for that connection
  • Make sure that you use the cache-clear=true flag in the URL to make the vertical appear

For instructions on how to do all the above, you can look at the documentation here: Customize the Microsoft Search page | Microsoft Docs

Hi, @JudyN, same problem here.


We have configured succesfully the connector and is indexing but after configure both, the result type and the vertical no results are shown. Any idea?

Hi @areyecat, have you also created a custom vertical and result type for the connection?
Hi, yes, both, with the default configuration. On the result type I configured this layout, but nothing is shown.
"type": "AdaptiveCard",
"version": "1.3",
"body": [
"type": "ColumnSet",
"columns": [
"type": "Column",
"width": 8,
"items": [
"type": "TextBlock",
"text": "[${title}](${titleUrl})",
"color": "Accent",
"size": "Medium",
"weight": "Bolder",
"$when": ""
"type": "TextBlock",
"text": "**${createdBy}** modified {{DATE(${modifiedDateTime})}}",
"spacing": "Small"
"type": "TextBlock",
"text": "${name}",
"wrap": true,
"maxLines": 3,
"spacing": "Medium",
"$when": ""
"horizontalAlignment": "Center",
"spacing": "Medium"
"$schema": ""

@areyecat Sorry to hear you are facing issues with the connector. Can you please drop a mail to with your tenant ID? We will troubleshoot the issue and reply with a resolution. Thanks.

Hi, thanks to the issue has been resolved. There was a missunderstood for my side about how the search service retrieves the permissions to show the indexed content. To summarize, the groups have to be synced between local domain and Azure AD