Extract signInPreferences for all users within the organization

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Hi all,

I need to download a report about the MFA status within my organization (more than 10000 users).

I'm using the Powershell method Get-MgBetaReportCredentialUserRegistrationDetail -All with decent performance (about 20 minutes to download all data).


I want also to include the field userPreferredMethodForSecondaryAuthentication, which is included in another dataset, available at the moment only using the API 

 https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/users/{user-id}/authentication/signInPreferences (actually not yet GA, but in Beta). The problem is that calling this method, with the API rate limit, for thousands of users is time-expensive and it takes many hours (AFAIK I can't call the API for all users with a single call).


Does anyone know if there is a faster way to perform the same task using a different method?
Do you know if the signInPreferences info is included during the replication between Entra ID and the on-premises domain controller using Entra Connect (I thought to query local DC using LDAP, which should be way faster than calling an API)? 


Thank you for the support,


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