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Im trying to automate user creation and removal in a custom inhouse application using Entitle management custom extension as we have the AD user setup there as well.  I have setup two types of Azure OOTB events triggered (see picture below) AssignmentRequestGranted and AssignmentRemoved pointing to my Logic App . Bothe events are working fine and is triggering my Logic App correctly with below HTTP request,
However I do not see same information in the HTTP requests when I compare the both different events:.
OrganizationName value is there in the HTTP request  for the AssignmentRemoved but NOT in  AssignmentRequestGranted, see JSON extraction below as example. It is stated as NULL even if the assignment has been granted and also have this information on the assignment request. It should be there to pick up but is not. This is mandatory in my case to add/setup a user to identify what organization this user belongs to.  I also request to include Organization ID instead of Organization Name in the HTTP request so its possible to extract more information around the Organization object.
Anyone has any idea to get the Organization from the  the request when AssignmentRequestGranted event is triggered



 JSON EXAMPLE FOR AssignmentRequestGranted

        "AccessPackageName""TEST - SPC Application - International transportation",
        "AccessPackagePolicyName""TEST - Policy International TSP - HM Approval",
        "CatalogName""Service Provider Communication",
        "ConnectedOrganizationName": null,
        "TargetEmail""email address removed for privacy reasons",
        "TargetDisplayName""Kalle Nordström (IAM)",
 JSON EXAMPLE FOR AssignmentRemoved
        "AccessPackageName""SPC Application - International transports",
        "AccessPackagePolicyName""TSP Policy",
        "CatalogName""Service Provider Communication",
        "ConnectedOrganizationName""Hellmann ",
        "TargetEmail""email address removed for privacy reasons",
        "TargetDisplayName""Kalle Nordström (IAM)",
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